Wednesday, 4 April 2012

spaces inbetween

How large are the spaces between who you were, who you are and who you desire to be? I am closer today to being who I want to be than who I was yesterday.

Growth is not an easy process to go through because it requires you to be completely honest with yourself, to look at yourself not through the eyes of others and who they think you are but to look at yourself for who you know yourself to be.

For too long we simply move from one stage and one space into another without taking stock. As you are right now do you like who you are? Do you value yourself and hold yourself in high esteem? Are you working on who you are as much as you are working on what you are.

Too many of us work too hard on the external to the neglect of the internal.

I've decided to take care of myself from the inside out because when you are stripped of material trappings all you have is your character.

Without the cars, money and facades, when stripped to the bare essential, will we have enough to be enough or do you find yourself lacking in character and rich in the material?

The space between who I was and who I am is greater than the space between now and who I desire to be.

How big is that space for you?

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